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"Cold, shiny, hard, PLASTIC," said by Janice referring to a group of girls in the movie Mean Girls. Mean Girls is about an innocent, home-schooled girl, Cady who moves from Africa to the United States. Cady thinks she knows all about survival of the fittest. But the law of the jungle takes on a whole new meaning when she enters public high school and encounters psychological warfare and unwritten social rules that teen girls deal with today. Cady goes from a great friend of two "outcasts", Janice and Damien to a superficial friend of the "plastics", a group of girls that talks about everyone behind their back and thinks everyone loves them. Adolescent egocentrism and relationships with peers are obviously present throughout the film. I…show more content…
Norbury asks the entire senior class to raise their hand if they have ever been victimized by Regina George and nearly every single hand was raised. She does whatever she wants and thinks that everyone admires her. This is mostly because of the way her mom acts towards her and her friends. Regina's mom tries to be one of the teenage girls and gossip along with the "plastics." She even allows her daughter to drink underage. Regina's mom also allows the younger daughter to watch nudity on the television. Her care free, laid back parenting style plays a huge roll on how Regina acts towards her peers. In addition, Cady's parents are very strict. The first sign of this is in the beginning when they are very concerned with sending her to a public high school. After being exposed to the "plastics" and how they act, Cady begins to drink and participate in illegal activity nearly every weekend. Cady finds her wrong doings as an escape from her parents. This is because her parents are too strict and are constantly nagging her. Their uptight, strict parenting style is what leads to Cady doing unacceptable activities. Juvenile delinquency is conduct in a child or adolescent is characterized by illegal activities. During Mean Girls, Cady's parents go out of town for a weekend and leave her at the house alone. She decides it would be a good idea to have a small party. However, her small party soon gets around the school and nearly everyone shows up at her house. Almost

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