Analysis of the Movie Native Song

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Wright frequently used visual based imagery. For example the killing of the rat it is a symbol of Bigger himself how Bigger invades civilization is just how the rat is invading their home “Bigger took a shoe and pounded the rat’s head, crushing it, cursing hysterically, you sonofabitch” (10). Another visual based image in the novel is Mary’s severed head. Killing, Mary fortuitously trying not to be noticed by Mrs. Dalton Bigger smothered Mary, “Frantically, he caught a corner of the pillow and brought it to her lips, he had to stop her from mumbling, or he would be caught.” (84) Agitatedly pusillanimous of being entangled Bigger tries to cloak the manifestation of Mary’s death by trying to get rid of her body by penetrating it into the trunk “He could, he could put her in the trunk! She was small.” (87). Subsequently realizing that he had nothing to do with the trunk with Mary’s dead body in it he decided to burn her in body the furnace to do away with her body all together . Noticing that he couldn’t get her full body in the furnace without her head hanging out he pulled out his pocket knife and began to try to cut her head off after that failed he took the hatchet and chopped Mary’s head off “He got the hatchet, held the head at a slanting angle with his left hand and, after pausing in an attitude of prayer, sent the blade of the hatchet into the bone of the throat with all the strength of his body, the head rolled off” (91). The last example of visual imagery used is the
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