Analysis of the Movie Soundtrack Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

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The soundtrack of a movie is also a guaranteed way of effecting the emotions of the audience members. As a result, directors spend a great deal of time in choosing the right soundtrack for the movie. They want to make sure that they target the correct emotions for each scene. The sequence of “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” featured many different sounds; such as, speech, music and sound effects.

The scene begins with Joel and Clementine laying underneath a blanket. Clementine is telling Joel a story from her childhood, and as she tells the story, we can hear music in the background, which is considered non-diegetic sound because the audience can hear it but not the characters in the movie. The music we hear, as audience members, is very calming and smooth and continues to play as Clementine tells her story. We then see Joel crawling between blankets because he is trying to catch up with a memory that is currently being erased. As he moves to another memory, we can hear another type of non-diegetic sound; however, this time it is harsh and fast, which indicates that he is moving fast because he does not want the memory to be erased. We continue hearing this harsh sound as he remembers the beginning of the memory of him and Clementine…
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