Analysis of the Opening Section of the Television Documentary Children of Crime

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Analysis of the Opening Section of the Television Documentary Children of Crime

In the television documentary ‘Children of Crime’, made by the BBC, it
shows us many of this country’s most vicious children being involved
in offences such as murder. ‘Children of Crime’ is a series of
programmes reporting on different children ranging from the 1960’s up
until modern day. It shows us that crime is not a new craze amongst
the children of today but has been around for many years. One of the
cases examined is Mary Bell, the focus of this assignment. Mary Bell
was just ten years old when she murdered two small boys: Martin Brown
aged 4 and Brian Howe aged 3. She came from a dysfunctional background
and her
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The fifth frame is a cell door
closing and someone locking it, once again a picture of a child fades
into the corner. The final frame in the introduction is that of the
title. There is a shot of a courtroom, the camera slowly moves around
the room to focus on where the judge would be; the title then fades
across the bottom of the screen.

In these frames all of the children have committed some kind of crime,
some are petty crime but others more serious. The first two frames are
in monochrome, the next two in CCTV footage, and the last one in
colour footage. This shows us that crime amongst children is something
that has been happening for many years. Mary Bell’s face is the first
picture to appear, this is maybe because she was the first child
criminal that was in the media. In frame five we see a cell door, this
is associated with adults rather than children and therefore brings
the seriousness of the subject into perspective. It also shows us the
consequences of crime.

Throughout the introduction there is music in the background. The
music sounds haunting, slow and sad: sad which is linked to children
wasting lives involved in crime. There is also a very heavy drumbeat;
throughout the introduction there are only four drumbeats. The first
is when Mary’s face…