Analysis of the Opening Theme of Desperate Housewives

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Table of contents 1 Introduction 2 2 Background Information 2.1 The Series “Desperate Housewives” 3 2.2 The Opening Credits 4 3 The Paintings 3.1 Modification 5 3.2 Seduction 6 3.3 Motherhood…show more content…
Moreover, each season reveals a mysterious and often terrible secret like for example murder that, throughout the storyline, could not be hidden under the surface anymore. Mary Alice Young (Brenda Strong), the housewife whose secrets led to her committing suicide in the first episode, intersperses ironic allusions throughout each episode. The above mentioned composition of both thrilling and touching drama and ironical comedy makes it such a successful series, which consists of seven seasons at the moment. 2.2 The Opening Credits After an idea by Marc Cherry and finally having been produced by a company named ‘yU+co’, the approximately 40 seconds long spot concerns a composition of various more or less famous pieces of art that are shown in a rapid succession. They have been modified by the producers, so that moving persons and objects, having been taken from the paintings, form an action, which I am going to describe in the following. The music has been composed by Danny Elfman. However, despite being Emmy-nominated, the opening theme is only shown in various episodes. In many of them, only the first or the last picture is portrayed. The first picture, which is displayed, shows the biblical couple of Adam and Eve standing in front of the tree of knowledge. Eve grabs one of the forbidden apples, given to her from the snake swinging down from the tree and wants to give it to Adam who is

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