Analysis of the Painting Great Detonators by Acamonchi

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Contemporary art is the art created in the present time. Today, artists affected by the social context and personal experiences reproduce pieces of art that question or make a point about controversial issues in our society. A great example is the painting created in 2006 called Great Detonators (“Grandes Detonadores”) by the Mexican artist Acamonchi. The painting is located in the exhibition The Very large Array: San Diego/ Tijuana Artist in the Peter C. Farrell Gallery inside the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego (MCA). Acamonchi’s piece is a collage painting integrated by posters, stencils, and graffiti, which illustrate an obvious inspiration by the street art style. It is composed of cold colors such as blue, green, and aqua. Its multiple media consist of spray, paper, tape, acrylic, and oil. Moreover, the gallery is presented in big white walls and it has natural and artificial white light. The surface texture of the piece is a combination of corrugated, flat and in some parts smooth. The size is about 8 feet wide and 8 feet long, the condition is excellent, and the frame is made of wood. Furthermore, the painting the Great Detonators conveys ideas about mass produced waste, political awareness and urban chaos. Consequently, the artist Acamonchi uses this piece of art to express his opinion about important issues today during our contemporary times.
First of all, through the use of scale, Acamonchi communicated ideas regarding mass produced waste in his piece the
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