Analysis of the Performance Management System

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ALTERNATIVE STRATEGIES – WERE ALTERNATIVE STRATEGIES FOR PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT SUGGESTED? I have analyzed the performance management system and policy of the Overstrand municipality which in my opinion is good and has been used and applied to their employees for a long time. However, the aforesaid municipality apparently has not explored other current performance appraisal methods for its employees. It might have been a good idea to try and test alternative and new methods of performance evaluation such as self-performance assessment and others which will be discussed at a later stage in my presentation. The former (self-performance assessment) has been used and applied successfully in my organization for which I am working and has yielded good results and enhanced employee performance as well as employee – employer good working relationship. Cascio and Anguinis (2014:81) argued that it is a good idea to have employees judge their own performance in an organization. The performance evaluation or assessment in my experience is always accompanied by goal or target setting and their achievement thereof. The self-performance method should improve individual’s motivation and reduce defensiveness during performance evaluation sessions. Based on my experience of the public and private sector, after self-performance evaluation there is a supervisor’s performance rating based on the key performance indicators that have been achieved on a quarterly basis. If the employee performance
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