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Analysis of “The Persian Carpet” theme of selfishness and betrayal From Zachary Bleau-Prevost International Literature Instructor: E. Koper Champlain College Monday, 18 February 2013 Since beginning of times, humans need to make choices on a daily basis. Sometimes it goes for the best, however, it goes also for the worst. In the short story “The Persian Carpet”, the author Hanan al-Shaykh suggests that by making selfish choices, one’s relationship with important people in its life can be seriously damaged. In the short story, the narrator, which is the protagonist, suffers from self doubt as she gains a new perspective on her mother, the antagonist, as she finds out the latter has been lying to her for several months about the…show more content…
In addition, the author helps the reader understand the selfishness of the mother when the reader finds out she have stole the Persian Carpet “several months before” (230) the divorce and puts the blame on Ilya, the poor blind man. Furthermore, the visit of the children is supposed to signal a fresh start for the family. The mother even emphasizes she wants the girls to come “live with [them]” (229). Yet again, even if they meet in order to reunite, characterized by a situational irony, they see themselves separated because of her mother selfish decisions. In addition to characterization, al-Shaykh uses symbols in order to highlight the mother greediness and its repercussions. The Persian Carpet is a symbol of lies and betrayal of the mother, as the narrator discovers the truth about the carpet, which causes again deep confusion in the head of the young girl. “In confusion […] [she] gave [her] mother a long look (229), signifying the turning point, which opens her eyes to the lies of her mother and finally comprehends that Ilya has been used as a object in their separation. Furthermore, the Carpet is also used as a personification. The author attributes the Persian Carpet a feeling of anger and deception, due to what it signifies, as previously discussed. In addition, a situational irony is also attributed with this symbolic item. Before, for the protagonist, the carpet was associated with a feeling of

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