Analysis of the Retail Industry in South Africa

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Executive Summary 2
1. Introduction 3
2. Retail industry in South Africa 5
3. Macro and Micro environment analysis 6
3.1 Macro environment of Retail market in South Africa 6
3.1.1. Political Environment 6
3.1.2. Economic environment 8
3.1.3 Technological Environment 10
3.2 Micro environments analysis 11
3.2.1. Suppliers’ Environment 11
3.2.2 Consumers’ Environment 12
3.2.3 Competitors’ environment 15
4. Findings summarization 17
5. Conclusion 18
References 19

Executive Summary

The purpose of the assignment is to develop the written and oral
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These stores sell irregular or flawed merchandise; factory overruns that is, excess merchandise—and other goods at prices below regular retail prices
Other retailers
Supermarkets and convenience stores are also retailers. Supermarkets offer a broad variety of groceries, as well as nonfood items such as toiletries and school and office supplies. Many supermarkets also offer a wide selection of ready-to-eat items, such as prepared salads, sandwiches, and entrees. Convenience stores, such as 7-11 and White Hen Pantry, also sell a variety of food and other items. Convenience stores are usually small and located on busy streets to make it easy for customers to make a quick purchase.

2. Retail industry in South Africa

According to Viruly consultant private limited (2004) repot retail market in South Africa is defined by South Africa Council of Shopping Center (SACSC) based on the size of the area of the retail market. These are:
A. Regional center is a type of shopping center with let table area 25,000-35,000m2.
B. Community center is shopping center with let table area 12,000-25,000 m2
C. Neighborhood center is small grocery retailers such as a pick n pay family store, the friendly grocer, and Rite value that have led to an increase in the development of neighboring centers. It ranges from

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