Analysis of the Short Story "Icebreak" Essay

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Ice break - English essay
Ice Break is a short story written by Astrid Blodgett. The story is told in a first person narrator and is from the main character Dawn's perspective. Dawn are at a ice fishing trip with her dad and her younger sister when the car falls into the water and her dad tries to safe them.
The story is about a girl named Dawn and her family. Dawn, her father and her younger sister are going to ice fish with their uncle Rick as a family tradition. Her mother doesn't want go and her older sister is babysitting a kid down the street. The mother warned the father about going because it was late season and the ice wasn't good, and that's the reason she doesn't want to go, but in reality its because the parents have a
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First we hear longer bits of the story which takes place at home, here we get a background story and get to know the characters and the family a little bit. Afterwards we get a few sentences from the time of the accident at the lake and we get to know how the crash takes place. These two different time dimensions change all through the story. This could possibly make it a little difficult for the reader to fully understand the story. It is first in the last part of the story the reader truly gets what is really going on and what really happens at the lake. This kind of structure makes the story more interesting and also more intense because when you read the small sentences from the future you want to know what happens and what is going on but then you are taken back to the present time and have to read further.
The title "Ice break" have two meanings. First of all the hole story is about how Janie, Dawn and their dad ends up in a ice break with their car on the way to a fishing trip. Second of all the title "Ice break" could be a way of describing the relationship between Dawn and her dad. Before the miserable accident Dawn and her dad didn't have much in common. "He said he'd tried to talk to me and I just wasn't receptive; and Mom said he had to get over it, he had to get over the idea that someone will be how you imagine them to be, and just accept them." (page 4)They obvious never got to know each other really good as father

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