Analysis of the Short Story: Super Toys Last All Summer Long

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What is real? I have been trying to answer this question since we started our project about robots. It’s a very complex question. The classical sense of what is real is something natural, something that is not man-made, for example the nature or the universe. But the world isn’t the same as it was for hundred years ago and the reality concept has moved in time with the technology. For instance I read an article where computers had been taken over the stock trading instead of real manpower. The robots are mechanical artificial agents and because of the advanced technology they’ve become much more real. They become more and more like us, and if computers can take over the stock trading what can robots, who look and act like humans, do to the…show more content…
Further more the language isn’t readily accessible but manageable. There is in between some difficult words, which is an obstacle for the understanding of the text, for example “Lambent, engrossed, moist and mowervator”. The short story is written in 1969 so the choice of words is old and not always so familiar “Henry, Henry – oh, my darling, I was in despair . . . but I’ve just dialed the afternoon post and – you’ll never believe it! Oh, it’s wonderful!”. The environment in the story is very beautiful, almost perfect. The garden is described with positive words and it makes associations to paradise, for example “In Mrs. Swinton’s garden, it was always summer”. The Swintons’ house lies in a rich part of the city with no windows. The house and their belongings are very advanced and technical, and it’s clear that there has been a big technological development, for example Monica has her phone on her wrist “She punched the Post Office number on the dial on her wrist but nothing came through” and “The Swintons lived in one of the ritziest city-blocks, half a kilometer above the ground. Embedded in other apartments, their apartment had no windows to the outside; nobody wanted to see the overcrowded external world. Henry unlocked the door with his retina pattern-scanner and walked in, followed by the serving-man”. It seems like they don’t really have contact to the outside world and live in a small bubble of isolation. The humans are described so

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