Analysis of the Skeleton Character in the Film 'Black Orpheus is Death'

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The skeleton character in the film Black Orpheus is Death, who personifies the immortal concept of death which eventually claims Eurydice before her time and kills her. This character is very important to this movie, which offered a modern day update of the myth (a legend or story used to explain things such as nature or aspects of gods) of Orpheus when this film was initially created in 1959 (No author, 1958), because he serves as the antagonist. An antagonist is an adversary. It is due to the pursuit and the machinations of the skeleton character that Eurydice even travels to Brazil. And, it is due to the skeleton character's relentless pursuit that Eurydice is eventually destroyed by Orpheus, although she compromises her safety by hanging from a power line in order to escape from Death. In this regard, the skeleton character is important because he not only antagonizes Eurydice by chasing her between countries, but he also antagonizes Orpheus, the protagonist (the main character in a work) and the hero (a man of great courage and ability) of this tale, by taking away that which Orpheus most desires his lover Eurydice. An anti-hero is someone with qualities that are the opposite of a traditional hero, but who manages to achieve heroic deeds. It is due to Death's actions that Orpheus descends into the depths of the morgue which symbolize Hades and attempts to bring Eurydice back. This descent and his subsequent ascent (due to his wonderful musical ability) function

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