Analysis of the State of the New Media Art

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The article is an analysis of the state of the new media art. The new media uses digital communication to express its artwork and Muir (2002) choses certain works as illustrative examples of their format. Their spectrum was so-called old, middle-aged and modern digital art that spanned the 19th century to the present moment. Their first example was June Paik's "magnet TV" 91965). Paik integrated music, video,a nd sculptural forms of objects in order to convey modern relationship to TV. Intending to convey the omnipotence of TV, Paik's aforementioned sculpture consisted of a large magnet on top of a television set. The magnet was manipulated by hand to create abstract patterns of light inside the monitor. The work was deliberately constructed in a simple way so as to arouse discussion and thought regarding the all-powerful influence and, some would say, insidiousness, of TV. Nicholas Schoffer is called the Father of Cybernetics and Video Art. He is another example of creators of media Art. Schoffer's sculptures combining electronics with sculpture included his 52 meter high cybernetics "Tower of Liege', which consisted of mirrors, projectors, microphones, and photoelectric cells. Schoeffer also produced "Microtine Sculptures" (1968-1969) that was composed of discs and manipulated by electronics to produce pulsating light. Robert Adrian's work was in telecommunication. His work included "the world in 24 hours" (1982) where artists from international spots converged at
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