Analysis of the Success of Omega Supermarket

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Omega being a supermarket chain operating in UK emphasizes on quality more than anything else. Four quadrants have been identified for maintaining a scorecard of success of the organizations (Kaplan and Norton, 1992). These quadrants are the people, finance, customers and operations. Each stores and its performances are characterized for measuring the performance of the organisation in that particular segment. Omega is focused highly on the people quadrant. This quadrant targets on recruitment, development, retention of labour and motivating the staff by defining the benchmark performance required from the workforce. It is considered as one of the most important quadrants for the management. Effective employees are hard to retain and this…show more content…
1. Productivity: the biggest challenge which the organisation considers for managing the human resource department is to manage and organise the employees in such a way that maximum productivity can be acquired from them. The manager’s role is to analyse the factors which motivate the employees so the effective and efficient returns can be accomplished. Omega being a supermarket requires that the workforce understands the significance of customer service. The workers must ensure that the time which they vest while working they focus significantly on performing with maximum zeal and efficiency. The workers also require that the productivity of the employees is high. This shows significance of all the methods which are intended to be applied for the success of the organisation. 2. Recruitment: the jobs which are so challenging for the employees and have a very high turnover rate requires that the managers take strong notice of the individuals they are planning to employ. The managers of the organisation are aware of the goals of the organisation so they require to access whether the candidate applying for this job possess the traits or not. Recruiting new employees and high turnover disrupts the workforce. This shows that the managers must assess the workers carefully before hiring them. 3. Training and staff quality. From the data in the case study the employees have showed that training is

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