Analysis of the Text Chapter Iv, Theatre, W.S.Moaugham

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This text is taken from the book of very famous writer W.S. Maugham “Theatre”.
This is a piece of narration which is done in the 3rd person. The main key the text is written is rather ironical, as I think, and its slat is very emotional.
The main characters of the story are Michael and Julia. They both are actors and work together in the theatre of Jammie Langtone. Julia is more successful and more talented than Machael but it doesn’t disturb them to be fond of each other.
In this part of the book the author tells us the story of the engagement of the characters. So the plot is rather dynamic and fascinating.
The action starts at the time before Easter when the theatre is closed and that’s why Machael offers Julia to visit his parents.
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For example:
• anaphoric repetition (“He was… He reminded… He was… He had… He read…”, “She saw… She felt… she played… She walked… She talked… She saw”)
• simile (“He [Mr. Gosselyn] reminded you of a head on an old coin that had been in circulation too long”)
• epithets (“imposing”, “fussily”, “touching”, “modest”, “ingenious”, etc.)
• parallel constructions (“It did not take her long to discover that the Colonel, notwithstanding his reserve, and Mrs. Gosselyn, notwithstanding her shyness, were taking stock of her”)
• hyperbole (“…the ornaments with which the drawing-room was crowded”)
• phraseology (“she was head over ears in love with him”)
From this part of text we learn also the doubts of Mrs. Gosselyn about the profession of her son and his girl-friend. She thinks that it’s not very respectable for gentleman to work on the stage. But all the same she wishes him success. She is also glad to see Julia in this house because to her mind she is a very good girl. She doesn’t know that Julia has used her artistic talent to be liked by Gosselyns. We can clearly understand this perfidy and also her real character when the author shows us her thoughts: “I should damn well think not. Haven’t I been giving a perfect performance of the village maiden for the last forty-eight hours?” “Gosh, I’m going down like a barrel of oysters.”
And she wins a victory – at the end of this week Michael makes her an offer. This is the culmination of the text. All

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