Analysis of the Unforgettable Movie "No Man's Land" Essay

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No Man’s Land is a heartbreaking anti-war movie which is played in the background of the Bosnian war. The movie is a fable; it was also the first writing by its writer Tanovic. It was co-produced by many companies belonging to different countries like Bosnia-Herzegovina, UK and others. Two injured soldiers, a Bosnian and other the Bosnian Serb, are entrapped with their lines in the attempt for survival. They face each other in the trench where they allow time to pass for darkness to prevail. They argue with each other as well and even identify some common ground. Complicating the situation is another injured Bosnian soldier, Savagovic, who regains his consciousness. Bosnian Serbs have planted a land mine under him so that in case of any…show more content…
In addition to Behind Enemy Lines, it is another film of Bosnian war era. Nevertheless, instead of being a lustrous and technically refined and amazing film, it presents a Bosnian version on the clash, over spilling with meaninglessness, sarcasm and unyielding tragedy. In fact the director of No Man’s Land, Tanovic started his filmmaking profession by making war footage for the Bosnian army and examined events as first hand observer which he mercilessly criticizes in the movie. The film starts in 1993, somewhere close to the Bosnian town of Tuzla, where a small body of relief soldiers from the Bosnian army are seen moving in the open countryside at night. As the thick fog covers the area, they determine to take a pause and have camp the night. Unluckily as the morning sun takes shape and fog subsides, it is known that they are lingering very close to the Serbian frontlines and consequently they are fired upon. Along with the expected animosity between them, tension is escalated with Cera in the middle of the landmine which compels him to remain inactive until assistance reaches. Unfortunately, the engagement of the international community and media makes the situation far more uncertain for those caught in the dilemma. The film basically presents a small version of the Bosnian clash in the pathetic situation of its three entangled soldiers and the abortive interference of its imminent international saviors. Tanovic underlines

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