Essay about Analysis of the United States President

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This essay will focus on the analysis of the President through News article that show government egain at work, but first I must explain the authority of government granted by US constitution and court case engal, then the structure of executive branch, starting with the president ending with the cabinet. Lastly I will give my analysis pertain to the current president. The Authority of government is derived from the US constitution in regards with the executive branch the authority comes from article II of the US constitution. The language of the constitutions describe many aspect and roles of the oval office such as executive of the law, role in legislative, commander in chief, role in Foreign Affairs. At first and foremost the…show more content…
With the conflict of Syria the president order a air strike, this order did not have to be approved by congress. This allow the president to be head of government and be united with is important in dealing with matters abroad. When it comes to Foreign Affairs a unique approach was taken that president had sole responsibility to Foreign Affairs due to the culture of having Kings and queen ruling counties and it was noted that a single entitled was needed to show unity among these king and queen. The ruling of king and queen is more of exception then the rule at the present time but the same approach is still taken. With the role of Foreign Affairs the president has the ability to create treaties among nation and recognize country when the president accepts their diplomats. The US consutition has granted many authorities to the execute office but there are court case that help expand on its powers. Court cases of Neagle helped expands on the president authority was to act boldly on execution on the law. Meaning the president has the right to take measures to enforce the laws entrusted to him. The court case of US vs Curtiss-Wright give the authority to conduct foreign policy to the president and that congress cannot conduct foreign affairs. To have authority is important but if it un-structure then it not as effective as it can be. The Structure of the Executive branch starts with the
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