Analysis of the Use of Mobile Phones on Airplanes

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The research paper gives an account of the usage of mobile phones on aircrafts. Researchers have indicated that rules and regulations have been formulated to affirm that no one has the legal right of operating a cell phone in a plane. In the recent past, flight accidents have been on the increase with a number being pegged on hijackers, who use their mobile phones to communicate. Several specialized committees comprising independent parties that have been formed to look into plane accidents normally blame the usage of phones during flights. Telecommunications gurus have also indicated that cellphone data could always help in locating missing jet lines and airplanes. Majority of airlines require that passengers to turn off their phones…show more content…
Airlines could also allow passengers to use new modes of cell phones in airplane mode. This basically disables transmission to make calls. The only services offered by the phones include playing games, checking addresses and looking at phones calendar. Travellers should always access inflight internet through installed WiFi systems. This would keep them busy throughout the flight. Majority of travellers should be allowed to Skype through the journey since most travellers' fancy silent communications as opposed to public nature of voice. Increased entertainment technology of passengers during flights ensures that passengers are not bored when travelling. Members of the public should always be educated on flight regulations through awareness program. Outcomes and consequences The outcome of the solutions will ensure that incidents of plane hijacking and accidents are in decline. Constant communication by flight customers would be curtailed to stop flight interference hence creating safety to the passengers on board. The ban of mobile phones using flight would prevent unwarranted amounts of noise in the mobile chatter. The phone restrictions would reduce nuisance in passengers attributed by people who shout while conversing on phone. Impact of the solutions on peoplesEURO(tm) lives Safety of the passengers would ensure that business transactions are held without any form of panic more so amongst different countries.
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