Analysis of the Walt Disney Company

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Analysis of the Walt Disney Company
Tarleton State University – Central Texas
October 17, 2005

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Responsibilities and Ethics of Leadership Executive Summary
Analysis of the Walt Disney Company – Case Outline
Situation Analysis
Introduction: The Walt Disney Company is on the threshold of a new era. Michael Eisner has stepped down from his position as CEO and turned over the reigns to Robert Iger. A lot of turmoil has been brewing through the company over the last four years; many people are hoping that this change in leadership will put Disney back on the road to success. Issues began around mid-2002; when declining earnings, fleeing shareholders, and
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Disney strives to maintain a workforce that reflects open opportunity, where everyone is at an advantage by the company potential. The Stakeholder analysis: The Walt Disney Company stakeholders consist of communities, business partners, board of directors/shareholders, employees, customers/guests, and major business segments. The board of directors/shareholders and the major business segments are in the section of high power, high importance. The board of directors and shareholders expect a return of net asset value and an increase in the growth of dividend payments. They also expect more involvement in the decision of the company. Included in this group are the long time ousted members Roy Disney and Stanley Gold. Major business segments, consist of Entertainment Studios, Consumer Products, Disney Parks and Resorts, and Media Networks. This group expects creative license to work on projects that allow them to express the creativity of their individual organizations. This requires them to have the freedom of innovation and independence to make choices.
The community, business partners, customers/guests, and employees all have low power, high importance. The community expects a high level of quality products and services that provide significance to their area. This includes having both involvement and support towards the community growth. The protection of the environment and a conservation of natural resources is a concern of the
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