Analysis of the Works of Thomas Babington Macaulay and George Bancroft

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The writings of Thomas Babington Macaulay and George Bancroft are in my view, bias perspectives of history. Both of their writings are similar in style and themes. Macaulay writes selections of The Task of the Modern Historian and The Revolution of 1688 with a nationalistic approach. While Bancroft, writes History of the United States of America from the Discovery of the Continent, with almost the same nationalistic themes as Macaulay does. After reading their works, I believe they are nationalistic and are not works of history, and they missed an opportunity to present scholarly work. Thomas Macaulay is an English historian who writes about early English history and The Revolution of 1688. In the beginning of Macaulay’s selection he talks about the Reformation and England’s schism from the Catholic Church under Henry the 8th. Macaulay, writes that we should not perceive Henry’s “gradual progress of selfish and tyrannical passions in a mind not naturally insensible or ungenerous.” Rather we detect the “noble temper which endeared him to a people whim he oppressed.” After reading those statements I felt Macaulay was bias, as he is basically saying to look past the tyrannical aspects of Henry and look at the goodness that allowed him to be tyrannical. Further reading into Macaulay’s selections I notice that in his description of The Revolution of 1688, he does not mention that William of Orange was born in the Dutch Republic. Therefore, from his writing and omission of

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