Essay about Analysis of the X-Files Episode: Tooms

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Analysis of the X-Files Episode: Tooms Commercial films have three main parts to them in which there is the prologue followed by the credit showing all the people that involved in the film, following that is the actual film. The aim of the prologue is to get the audience hooked to the film; the credits don't do this so that is why the prologue is first. The prologue has to be very interesting to get the audience hooked to the film; it has to make the audience want to see more. The film has three genres to it, which are easily known to the audience in the credits. Sci-fi is symbolised by the flying saucer; a mutant is shown representing the horror aspect of the film and Mulder and Scullys F.B.I…show more content…
Walking down the corridor with his tie loses and his top button undone, is shown on a security camera again showing that he is being watched. The camera angle is changed from the security cameras to a follow shot moving side to side just like we walk, the follow shot stops still and the businessman goes into his office. The incidental music gets higher as the elevators are about to open but it was a false alarm as was the follow shot. The aim of the false alarm is to stop the audience from predicting that something is going to happen, making the film unpredictable. The businessman sitting at his desk in the dark with just his lamp on, symbolising evil. He rings his wife but nobody is home, he leaves a messages saying he wont be back until late whilst the incidental music is being played. No one answering the phone gives the impression of him being alone to the audience. The audience knows that he is a family man with looking at his personal belongings on his desk, a picture of his young daughter. He has a mug with a good luck charm printed on it, although the audience might not see it, it is a sort of joke saying that he needs lots of good luck. As the businessman goes for a drink the follow shot is used again. Appearing to be a false alarm the follow shot stops still and zooms on to the ventilation grill. The incidental music

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