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History learning task The Battle of Beersheba was fought on 31 October 1917, when two infantry and two mounted divisions of the Egyptian Expeditionary Force (EEF), attacked units of the Yildirim Army Group garrisoning Beersheba. This EEF victory began the offensive, which six weeks later resulted in the capture of Jerusalem, during the Sinai and Palestine campaign of World War I. I think that the Australian soldiers were very effective in winning Beersheba although the charge was born of the desperation of having no water and needing to capture the wells in Beersheba. (Wikipedia 2013) (Australian reserve forces council 2013) 50,000 British troops attacked the Turkish defenses around Beersheba on October 31 1917 they were…show more content…
Just after 4.30 they set off riding west into the sun and towards Beersheba over a long open wedge of ground shown on the map between the railroad and the Wadi Hora River. For most of the charge the Light horse was at the mercy of the Turkish field guns with shells in the midst of the charging soldiers but as they grew closer the field guns could not lower anymore and therefore could not fire anymore. That was when an even greater threat was unveiled machine guns they may not be as powerful as the field guns but there were more and they could be aimed. But some extreme luck, in the confusion of the charge many of the Turks forgot to change their sights from 1600m and therefore fired over the charging Australian’s heads if the Turkish machine gunners had adjusted their sights then the battle may well have turned sour for the Light horse. (The Australian, 2007) (Lancers, 2013) In source 2, which is believed to be the only photo to have been taken of the battle of Beersheba, you can see the light horse charging and that they are using swords. This was because in those days guns were unwieldy and hard to load so it was easier to just use swords this created an insane battle but the key to it was speed because as soon as the horsemen got passed the trenches the Turkish would be cast into disarray. Even as the horsemen vaulted the trenches a huge cheer went up from not only the English infantry but also some of the Turks, such was the magnificence of the feat. After

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