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ID NO. 402341 Wesley English II H 20 August 2010 Foreshadowing in 1984 Foreshadowing: the use of hints or clues to suggest what will happen later in a novel. Foreshadowing is often used to predict death or fortune and can be valuable for the reader 's comprehension. In the novel 1984, George Orwell depicts a utopian society and a totalitarian government. Society is at constant war and freedom is crumbling. Death is everywhere along with poverty, and censorship. One can neither write their thoughts nor talk criticize the government. In his novel, George Orwell foreshadows death and decay of society to illustrate the theme of fate. Foreshadowing is used early in the novel. One of the first examples of…show more content…
He is dead, hope is dead. Winston has known he would die from the moment he bought the dairy. He seals his fate that very day. Even though Winston never actually dies in the novel, his spirit dies, and in a sense, that is the same thing. He is no longer Winston Smith, party hater. He is destroyed and tortured to become just like everyone else, and that is his fate all along. It seems that George Orwell foreshadowed Winston 's death, but it is actually the death of hope and society. The party controls the past, present and future, so they control the fate of humanity. When the rebellion in Winston dies, the fate of society is sealed. The party will forever reign and will forever control the fate of mankind. In that sense, the hope of a free society is lost. Postscript Revision 1 I changed some sentences to make the essay flow better. I cut down on choppiness and used better grammar and style. I rethought my thesis as well, changing it to “ George Orwell foreshadows death and decay of society to illustrate the theme of fate” as opposed to simply George Orwell foreshadows death to illustrate the theme of fate. This allowed me a much broader topic to add variation to my paragraphs. And reduced repetition. This change made my essay more exciting and less “blah” Revision 2 I added to my introduction paragraph revealing what the essay is about and further strengthened my body paragraphs, getting rid

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