Analysis on Corporate Governance

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Case Analysis: Corporate Governance Introduction: The Invacare Corp. began over 100 years ago by selling vehicles specifically designed for the physically handicapped. Since that time the company has added and eliminated product lines to keep pace with current technology. Home health care is the preferred setting over institutional care for those with physical limitations. Home health care allows the patient to remain in a comfortable environment, saving billions of dollars that would be spent if they had to live in an institutional setting. Home health care is preferred setting by patients, insurance companies, in social services agencies. Mobility is a key requirement of the ability to remain in the home. Invacare contributes to the ability to remain at home through the devices that it provides. Invacare's primary distribution channels are retail drugstores, surgical supply houses, rentals, hospitals, HMO base stores, Home Health agencies, and direct sales. An aging population, current technological trends, and societies' new acceptance of people with disabilities have created new markets outside of the United States. In countries such as Europe, Australia, and Asia, health care is more heavily socialized than in the United States where private health care is the standard. In more heavily socialized health care systems government regulations and fiscal policies play a greater role in the ability to expand into these new markets. Distribution and reimbursement policies
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