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Analysis on Django Unchained Django aside from being a fantasy film, it does show how an older America once was. Set during 1858, is full of racism and violence. Although, the movie stabilizes these characteristic with a bit of comedy. Nevertheless, according to Karl Marx’s conflict theory people of lighter skin would be more dominant whereas darker skin people would be considered more submissive and less powerful. Even Calvin explained how the slaves could have ganged up, or slayed his ancestors prior but instead they did not. Another theory is Emile Durkheim’s functionalist theory. In the movie this concept is present in how there are two groups of society and how one of the groups retains other in order to keep harmony. Even though the…show more content…
Even when his life was at stake. He was forced to kill Candie. Different places with different cultures have different ways of living. The structural function in Django Unchained was that those of not color saw the color as inferior. The same way as some people find dogs inferior. Even though for some dogs are their best friends and are treated likewise. An example of structure function nowadays could be how in the United Kingdom have their own laws. People live their lifestyles differently to what they believe. The same goes to America. In America we also have our different way of life, yet we still function as a social culture. During the movie, there were many Gonzalez 2 examples of social conflict. Calvin addressed numerous times how the people of color that were under his control, were his property and that he will do whatever pleases him with his property. An instance of symbolic interaction could be identified when the marshal arrived to take care of King, and Django. When he arrived to the area it seemed like the sheriff was gunned down on cold blood. Although, Dr. King explained how the sheriff was an outlaw and provided proof to back up the bounty. To conclude, the movie is full of suspense, violence, racism, and good humor to forget about all the bad things about it. Based on my analysis, Many of the social concepts, and theories regarding the movie Django Unchained
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