Analysis on Louis Vuitton Case Study

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1. What has made Louis Vuitton’s business model successful in the Japanese luxury market? As the business model addresses “how the company makes money in this business”, Louis Vuitton’s business model in Japan can be simply explained as selling products through directly owned and controlled stores. A good business model can guarantee the success of business. LV’s business model in Japan successfully drove it to the world’s largest market by strictly following the principles and benefiting from the external environment. First of all, the specifics and advantages of Japanese market played a significant role in facilitating LV’s success. (These advantages of Japanese market will be discussed further in Question 3.) With these specifics…show more content…
Meanwhile, some consumers were also attracted by the counterfeit products, which have the same design and considerable quality. The situation of LV in Japan seems to be fierce, however, with effective solutions, LV can also seize the opportunity to sustain profitability in Japanese market rather than just survive. As it is stated in the case that Japanese consumers had been holding the desire for inexpensive luxury products from Louis Vuitton. Therefore, to solve this problem and attract more customers, LV should strive to make “inexpensive” products by increasing the value of products, lowering the costs and prices, and finally creating high value for the consumers. As the scandal of counterfeit sold on the websites in 2008 led to a decline in the sales of Louis Vuitton products, it can be viewed as a valued opportunity for Louis Vuitton to establish its own business online since it can both add selling channels and empower the company to fight with counterfeiting. Another challenge for Louis Vuitton is the market and brand dilution as it has already entered and successfully fit in the Japanese market. The products have already maintained the “acceptable” group, and the company has become to feel difficult to increase the revenue. The figure provided in the case showed that nearly half of the Japanese have Louis Vuitton-monogrammed items by the time of 2007. This seemed to make LV prevalent but not luxury any more. To maintain its brand image, it is
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