Analysis on Marina Bay Sands

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The potential of IRs coupled with casinos is unlimited. One of the main advantages would be the projected income inflows,such as hotels and airlines.With Asia’s considerable growing gambling market, it is important for Singapore to direct the present outflows to nearby IRs and casinos as Singaporeans have spent significantly on gambling abroad. Despite of these key benefits, there were still concerns expressed over the adverse impact that casinos can bring about to Singaporeans. Casinos can easily taint our reputation and present potential social and legal problems that can hamper our economic growth.Nonetheless, the establishment of the National Council on Gaming in 2005 aims to alleviate the problems of gaming/gambling addiction and educate the public on gambling issues.Ending up in heavy debts and being homeless is certainly not the scenario that we would like to see happening in our younger generations as they are envisioned to be the future leaders of Singapore. Thus, individuals should be consciously and willingly to uphold certain moral values and principles so that we will not land into the pitfalls
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