Analysis on the Play Xanadu Essay

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The play Xanadu, put on by the Arizona Theater Company, was an extraordinary play, with a few different cultures mixing to make a creative, fun production. This play was a mix of 80's music, apparel and art, along with a magical side with ancient Greece. Ancient Greece brought Greek mythology, which is what brought magical characters into the play. This play uses different cultures to escalate the plot, all while creating an awesome play. Art, whether it be film, television, visual art, theater and many other forms, many of times it is seen upon as purely as entertainment. However, these entertaining entities offer so much more than just entertainment. All of these different forms of entertainment provide a different insight of the…show more content…
The play tied both of these very diverse subjects into one eye popping play. The 1980 section of the play brought the energy to the play. It brought the fun, charismatic characters that made the play as lively as it was. Through roller blades and disco balls, this play seemed to capture the theme of the 80's in the play. This play screamed the 80's with a magical twist, which is where ancient Greece come in. Ancient Greek mythology also played a key role in the play by inserting another cultural aspect into the play. The magical sense of ancient Greece inspires the Greek mythology strategically placed in the play. Ancient Greece inspired the fictional characters that essentially were a thread throughout most of the play. This thread of magical characters that exists throughout the play influence other mortal characters in the play. The play seemed to turn into a battleground between the immortal magical characters as the play progressed. The Arizona Theater Company represented both of these different elements quite well, given the fact that these are quite different. First of all, from the beginning of the play and throughout most of the play, the ATC designers kept a 80's theme. Mixed within this theme, ATC brought in a magical element in the form of Greek mythology. These two different lifestyles needed to come together flawlessly, and ATC designer achieved that. Both of these elements came together to produce an
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