Analysis: the Man He Killed

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Gianna-Alexis Huballah June 26, 2012 Professor Mosser English 1102 Analysis: The Man He Killed Killing another human being is something that most people would find very hard to do. Do a person's feelings towards violent actions change in the course of a war? In the poem, "The Man He Killed," By Thomas Hardy; he illustrates a story of a man who questions his own actions of doing harm to another person. Throughout the poem, Hardy uses tone and word choice to get his point across in the poem. Even though the poem is short, is does have a very strong atmosphere that gives off very different tones. In the beginning, it is a nice act when the narrator suggests that he and the person in front of him could have had a drink together…show more content…
The word choice also allows us to be in the soldier’s shoes and let us know how it feels to be responsible to kill the other soldiers that are the enemy solely by war. Using tone gives us a vision on their reasons of their actions while word choice suggests that they believe that peace and good times would be in place of violence if not for the sake of
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