Analysis the Use of Stream of Consciousness in Mrs Dalloway

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Analysis the use of stream of consciousness in Mrs Dalloway BY Qian Jiajia Prof. Zhang Li, Tutor A Thesis Submitted to Department of English Language and Literature in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the degree of B.A in English At Hebei Normal University May 8th , 2009 Abstract As one of the representative writers of novels of stream of consciousness, Virginia Woolf has made important contributions to the development of the technique of stream of consciousness by confirming her own original literary views through the design of a unique structure of stream of consciousness in one of her masterpieces—Mrs. Dalloway. Virginia Woolf constantly breaks through the tradition and works hard for the…show more content…
A central figure of Bloomsbury Group, Woolf had an intense belief in the importance of the arts and a skepticism regarding the social conventions and restraints. Instead of new social ideas such as Marxism, Woolf and her peers sought in new forms of art compensation for the chaos of contemporary history after the First World War. It is said that Woolf’s work cannot be discussed without reference to her view of novel. In all her literary life, Woolf endeavored to establish a new form of novel, novels of stream of consciousness. Her rebellion against Victorianism lay in her rejection of realism. Woolf looked in and explored the external world of human mind by drawing attention to “an ordinary mind on an ordinary day” and representing the psychological reality with her delicate use of stream of consciousness. Woolf is considered as one of the representatives of writers of stream of consciousness in the 20th century Modernist Movement. Woolf’s style of stream of consciousness is often described as poetic and impressionistic. Her major works include Mrs. Dalloway(1925), To the Lighthouse(1927), and The Waves(1931). Though there is argument over which is Woolf’s masterpiece, most critics agree that Mrs. Dalloway is the first experimental novel by which Woolf establish her status as one of the most influential modern writers in the 20th century.

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