Analytic Essay : An Article On Facts

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Analytic essay
This essay analyzes Goldstein piece written on facts. In Goldstein’s writing, he discusses what should be considered when determining what is a fact and what is not a fact. He gives many examples of when something that may be considered a fact is actually incorrect and should not be. Additionally, he provides many things to look for when determining the relevance of a fact and when deciding how to use them properly. This essay will also make use of Carnap’s position to examine Goldstein’s position. This essay defends the thesis that Goldstein is correct in the way he questions the factors that are considered when identifying what facts are because they could be inaccurate if not properly described, may not be relevant, or could be based on incorrect observations.
Goldstein argues that there are many factors to consider when deciding if something should be determined a fact or not. He defines a fact very broadly saying that it should not just be an observed agreed upon truth, but should be done by an informed and interested observer. He also states that this could still leave space for inaccuracies, but he claims it’s the best we can do. Some of the factors that could lead to inaccuracy include incorrect observations, learned seeing, irrelevant facts, and theory ladenness. Goldstein makes the argument that due to these factors, it is difficult to properly define something as a fact because there is a lot of possible space for error. These errors could cause
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