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Inside the Little Mermaid by:Brandie Tittsworth Jm0300776

When I young, I liked to pretended I was Ariel from The Little Mermaid. I hopelessly dreamt of finding my prince charming. I sang and danced to the songs, and loved the thought of the castle in the ocean, or a secret cave with items from shipwrecks. Watching the same story later in life with my own children I can without a doubt say that Ariel could be a role model for not only me but my daughter also in the way she stays true to who she is. Her character is one of open-mindedness, strength and abundant love. Throughout her story, Ariel is faced with opposition and obstacles that force her to define
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Though surprised, Ariel resisted the temptation to fall in love and marry a merman, thus not giving in to interpellation. This movie also shows aversions for interpellation in the sense that it conveys the favorable reception of things, not ordinary. It says that you do not have to settle just for the town quarterback, just because you are the head cheerleader. Instead, you can find someone who your souls connect, and live happily ever after. When Ariel gets her voice back from the sea witch but turns back into a mermaid, Eric isn't phased by her fin, he knows for sure that she is the one, and he won't let her go again. By any means necessary. Ariel also questions the interpellated messages she receives from the general public. The people of Ariel's kingdom believe that, as a young woman, you should live up to specific social standards. Ariel breaks these traditions in numerous ways. To begin, even as Ariel swims through the ocean the mer people talk about how she is so peculiar; how she does not quite fit expectations. They cannot understand why she isn't like her sisters. Why she doesn't quite fit in and obeys the King, her father, with her sisters who try to find a husband, or sing and put on shows for their father and the locals. Instead, she is distracted by the land people, she is always trying to explore the ocean and find items left behind by humans. It is evident that Ariel is resisting interpellation by continuing to dream of

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