Analytical Essay ( Boston Massacre)

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Analytical Essay The Boston Massacre is one of the most controversial events in American history that occurred in Boston before the American Revolution. Certainly, it has a fundamental role in the development of America as a nation, which led it to have a huge motivation for revolution. A heavy British military presence and having very high taxes in the country were some of the main reasons that made Boston citizens very irritated. Thus, there were already many disagreements and tensions between inhabitants and the British that could have led to the Massacre. In this essay, I will carefully analyze three primary sources, and compare these to the interpretation given by HBO’s John Adams. In my view, these sources can be…show more content…
Nevertheless, the events and facts of the Boston Gazette’s article were highly exaggerated and seemed very ambiguous to me. For example, the way that citizens came together, the actual reason of it and Captain Preston’s order of fire are some of them. On the other hand, a British perspective is given by a letter of Captain Thomas Preston, who wrote it a week after the incident. He depicts his own version of the event on March 5th and tries to defend himself. Preston starts out by presenting his sad situation in which he needs help and has nothing to support himself. Then, he starts to describe the relationships between soldiers and citizens and the main reasons of the event on the night of March 5th. Contrary to the article of Boston Gazette, Thomas Preston states that Boston citizens were constantly provoking and abusing British soldiers. Thus, there were many disputes that happened between the Townspeople and the Soldiery in Boston before March 5th. Furthermore, the captain states that utter hatred of Boston citizens to British soldiers was increasing daily and they were privately planning for general attacks. According to Preston, one of these plans was realized on Monday night, when two soldiers were attacked by the party of inhabitants. In order to provoke other citizens of Boston to riot, this party broke into two
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