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Discourses have powerful social effects and can empower some, while marginalizing others. In the texts Lost Property and Muriel’s Wedding the dominant discourse is relationship. The audience is positioned to see Josh Tambling from Lost Property as having tough relationships as he is the one who is expected to pull through. While Muriel Heslop from Muriel’s Wedding is portrayed as unreliable and selfish as the story is told. In the early stages of both texts it is obvious that Josh and Muriel have different relationships, as Josh is respected and dependable while Muriel is rejected and a failure. Josh is trustworthy towards his friends which make him respected in his relationships. For instance, he shows his loyal and respectable values…show more content…
Michael, Josh’s older brother finally comes home, not by himself though, he ends up bringing his girlfriend and with them their new born son. “Mum and Dad, this is Kelly,” Michael says proudly, “and this one here…is your grandson, Stuart.” (p266). On the other hand, Muriel’s Wedding ends unfortunately with Muriel’s mother dying as she commits suicide from the pressure of her depression. But not all is bad for Muriel as she returns to Sydney with her friend Rhonda, after she is in a wheelchair from not recovering from her cancer. Although both texts end in a different way, the audience is still positioned to see Josh and Muriel as people who have difficult relationships but in the end rewarding. In conclusion, both Lost Property and Muriel’s Wedding mobilize the discourse of relationships. The reader is positioned to see Josh and Muriel as being pleasing people, who would do everything for their friendships. Throughout both texts Josh and Muriel are constructed as characters who display loyalty and respect towards their friends, supporting them through the harsh periods in their

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