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Let’s Agree the Drinking Age of 21

Drinking age is not a strange phrase in our lives. Every time when we go to club or buy some liquor, we have to show our photo ID to prove that we have already 21 and we are legal to drink wine. I think this is a really good method to control drinking problem. Before I read these two articles which are “The 21-Year-Old Drinking Age: I Voted for it, It Doesn’t Work” by Dr. Morris E. Chafetz and “The Drinking Age of 21 Saves Lives” by Toben F. Nelson and Traci L. Toomey, I only felt that when people grow up they will have self-control to hold their desire for drinking and could decide whether it is appropriate to drink at that moment. I didn’t collect any data or information to support my opinion,
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But Dr. Chafetz said that “We must neither confuse numbers with science nor interpret a lack of numbers as implying an absence of science” (Dr. Chafetz. The 21-Year-Old Drinking Age: I Voted for it; It Doesn’t Work par 5), what does this sentence mean? If we can’t just accept the truth which accurate numbers told us and those numbers represent scientific evidences, what should we do? How could we believe authority hereafter? How could we do research h in the future?

Dr. Chafetz also mentioned that reckless drinking to get drunk happened all the time and it had nothing to do with raising age. I can’t see how paragraph 7 in the article has strong relationship with the topic. We can’t deny that drinking problems happened all the time during different ages, but the author didn’t show the percentage of people who under 21 have these kinds of problem and what happened when the law was changed. Dr. Chafetz insulted experts at the second half of the article, he didn’t believe their work result and blamed that experts gave wrong direction to parents. But I didn’t find anything which could prove experts’ advice was wrong and I have no clue that why Dr. Chafetz trusted parents’ instinct more than scientific record, according to what Dr. Chafetz wrote in his article that “but as a parent and psychiatrist I trust the instinct of parents more than I do the hubris of ‘experts’”
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