Analytical Essay: High Risks, High Rewards

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In the small town of Eichenburg many fliers have appeared reading “in search of adventurers. High risks, high rewards”. Everyone seems to ignore these poster, all except for three. Jeremiah, the son of the foolish doctor in search to do more with his life than be a laughing stock. Barneth,a thief passing through town on the run from the law, intrigued by the promise of rewards. Edmund a once great adventurer looking to prove to himself he is still capable of his past achievements. All three contemplate the flier for days, until each pulls one down from its rusty nail. The flier disintegrates in their hands leaving a burn mark on their palm reading “beneath the stone bridge. On the day of god.” Each is mystified by what has happened. So on when Sunday comes each travels to the stones one and only stone built bridge. Underneath the bridge is a small wooden table surrounded by five wooden chairs. The first of the three men to arrive is Barneth, he notices in one chair a cloaked figure who does not speak when he approaches, Barneth remains in high alert unsure of what will happen. The next to arrive is Jeremiah, he approaches the table noticing the thief and the cloaked figure, he extends his hand to the thief, who laughs at the scrawny boy,ignoring the gesture, hardly believing he is an adventurer.…show more content…
The older gentleman stops before approaching the table, looking at the others, considering walking back, but moves ahead and takes a seat. Jeremiah notices the old hero. -“My Father has told me stories of you, you are the noble Edmund!”, Jeremiah speaks with a tone of wonder in his voice. Barneth glares at Edmund, not knowing who the man is. Edmund breaks his glance with the thief before turning to the younger boy. -“Your Father ,eh?” Edmund examines the boy. “Is he not that fool of a doctor? I hear he couldn't heal a mule with a simple cough.” Edmund and the thief chuckle. Jeremiah's face grows
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