Analytical Essay On Fahrenheit 451

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Khushi Jetley
Mr. Chaput
June 4 2017
Analytical Essay- Suppressing ideas and marginalizing humans is destructive.

Censorship leads the society to an unpleasant conclusion.
Censorship amounts prohibition of expression of someone’s ideas, thoughts which may be detrimental and prejudicial to a particular class of people. The book Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury, revolves around the idea of censorship as a bane to the society and culture. The book touches on various consequences of censorship like social isolation and infringement of thoughts. Bradbury has given an accurate representation of the society leading to an end as censorship proceeds to prohibit literature. Literature is power and censorship is suppressing it. Suppressing
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This extract from an analytical essay by Hannah A. Weber explains the importance of literature in the society for communication and social interaction. The idea of an ending social society is expressed by both Weber and Bradbury. Both the writers draw conclusions on how the destruction of human social interaction is lead by the prohibition of literature and non-fictional ideas. It can lead to social isolation and loneliness. Literature aids us addressing human nature and conditions which have an impact on everyone. These are vital for the need for development, growth, ambiguity, and despair of prosperity and loss, the need for loved ones, the goodness of benevolence and affinity, faith, or the realization of inadequacy. Literature is hence, necessary for the society to associate with humanity.

Literature attaches entities with the bigger realities and beliefs of society. It builds path for individuals to take note of their encounters, experiences, and thoughts in a way that is handy to others though fabricated accounts of experiences. Due to censorship individuals are no longer enough able to go under a thought process for themselves as they can’t connect their ideas. In Fahrenheit 451, when Montag visited Faber after reading for the first time he said to Faber, “I’m not thinking. I’m just doing like I’m told, like always. You said get money and I got it. I didn.i really think of it myself. When do I start working things out on my own?’(...) ‘You’ve started already

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