Analytical Essay "Sea Story"

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Assignment A - Analytical essay
The short story “Sea Story” is written by A.S Byatt in 2013. A tale of one man’s lost love, a comment on today’s carelessness concerning our nature and the adventure of one single bottle’s contribute towards environmental disaster.
In the very first sentence of the story, the reader is introduced to the main character, a man born by the sea. The writer makes it obvious from the very start that nature – or more specific, water, is an important theme throughout the story. The first part of the story gives a brief summery of this man’s life and character, a characterization defined by the ocean to such degree that the man almost becomes the body of water himself “his mother’s birth pangs began when she was
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This is contradictory towards his understatement of “… the Finley fishermen, who would not learn to swim […] They acknowledged that the sea was to much for them.”
Whether this woman had an interest for the man, is, for the reader, never known, but regardless of that, it is clear that it wouldn’t affect the woman’s decision to go to the Caribbean, and be one with the water. It is as stated further up, the true love of her life.
The main character’s view of life is determined by his predilection for literature. He abstractify things in life and make them something literary. His love for the woman is in his mind made up by a metaphor of the ocean. This might be the thing that makes him not understand the ocean as well as the woman. When the man puts his love on paper, sticks it into a plastic bottle and throws it in the ocean, he commits the worst crime – one could imagine – an ocean lover, like his love, could think of - pollution of the water. It is, of course, never what he intended to do – merely sending his love to a woman he’ll never meet again – but by taking a distance to the ocean, he doesn’t think of the consequences his romantic actions will lead to.
The narrator describes the bottles voyage, just like the man would, in a very poetic way, almost making it sound exciting and romantic. It is like the narrator wants to show the reader both the man’s ideal version and the realistic version of the bottle’s

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