Analytical Essay: The Effect Of Money On Presidential Elections

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The Effect of Money on Presidential Elections “The obscene and increasing level of wealth and income inequality in this countries’ politics is immoral, un-American and unsustainable” (Sanders). Senator Bernie Sanders is a socialist who focuses on the gap between the wealthy and the poor in this country. He points out that money is a major focus in elections, and that running for political positions is nearly impossible without financial aid. During an election, money raises the public’s awareness for the candidate spending it, remains a neutral factor in terms of voting results, and minimizes the opportunity for an average individual to run for office. During presidential elections, money has played a major factor in raising public awareness…show more content…
FEC in 2010 was v. FEC. This court case was created by the organization who wished to accept donations from individual people rather than corporations. After failing the first time in court, the case was approved, with the court ruling that, “contributions to groups that make only independent expenditures cannot corrupt or create the appearance of corruption” (McCutcheon v. FEC). As a result, this court case gave birth to a new era of funding campaigns: Super Political Action Committees (Super PACs). Because of the ruling from v. FEC, Super PACs are able to “raise an unlimited amount of money from corporations, unions, associations and individuals, then speed unlimited sums to overly advocate for or against a political candidate” (PACs). The only restriction with a Super PAC is that they cannot directly give their money to a candidate, and their spending cannot be parallel with the candidates. Essentially this means Super PACs may be used to create TV advertisements for candidates, without ever associating with the candidate. These court cases have essentially allowed to use of corporations to fund campaigns, without ever technically doing so. As a result of this, attempting to run a campaign without the help of PACs is highly
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