Analytical Evaluation of Freud Essay

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Based on the past information and the information I acquired during the duration of this course I chose to do my evaluation on Erik Erikson using the classical psychoanalysis of Sigmund Freud and Carl Rogers using the non-Freudian / interpersonal approach from Adler and Jung. Since there is no way to tell if either theory is right or wrong it is imperative that we discover our own theory among the popular ones and derive our own method of practice based on our current knowledge. This is done by comparing and evaluating each psychologist and their own theories to derive a common ground among each of them.
     In response to Erik Erikson and his approach on ego psychology he was an insecure child growing up who had
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In order to profoundly psychoanalyze Erikson and his feeling of ego and love we must first understand how his family was and how his parents treated him. He felt as though he was treated unfairly according to his siblings. He created a sense of feeling inferior to his other siblings and his parents did not react to that. He had no father and his mother was not really around for him either. This created a sense of not belonging to anything which provoked him to create his own theory about ego development.
     Since it is important for a child according to Freud to develop with love, death, hate, hunger, sex, aggression, among other drive and Erikson was not surrounded by not many if any of these drives it also provoked him to analyze his own childhood and come up with his own theory.
     In emergency situations, many people find them selves completely calm and collected until the emergency is over, at which point they fall to pieces. Something tells you that, during the emergency, you can't afford to fall apart. It is common to find someone totally immersed in the social obligations surrounding the death of a loved one. Doctors and nurses must learn to separate their natural reactions to blood, wounds, needles, and scalpels, and treat the patient, temporarily, as something less than a warm, wonderful human being with friends and family. Adolescents often go through a stage where they are obsessed with

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