Analytical Modal Of Circular Patch

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ANALYTICAL MODAL OF CIRCULAR PATCH USING FSS AT 5.8GHZ FOR WLAN APPLICATION Amit Kirti Saran1, Gaurav Bhardwaj 2, Geeta 3 1,2EC Student, Apex Institute of Technology, Rampur, Uttar-Pradesh, India 3Assistant Professor, Apex Institute of Technology, Rampur, Uttar Pradesh, India Abstract – In this letter, we describes the planning and comparative analysis of circular patch with FSS layer with regard to dimensional characterization. Patch and substrate can play the important role within the performance of the antenna. Dimensions and material of the substrate has an influence on the output parameters of the antenna. A comparative analysis is finished for the 2 models and Simulation output parameters return loss, VSWR, gain, radiation patterns and field distributions for each the cases square measure bestowed during this work. Substrate utilized Roger RT/Duroid 5880(TM) which has a dielectric constant of 2.2. The result demonstrates the wideband radio wire (antenna) to work exactly from 5.8GHz frequency band with ideal resonant frequency at 5.8GHz. This antenna mainly designed for wireless application as WLAN, Bluetooth and etc. Index Terms— Circular Patch, FSS, Coax-feed method, Return loss, Gain, HFSS 13.0 . I. INTRODUCTION MIRCOPATCH ANTENNA are divided into four categories they are: • Microstrip Circular Patch Antenna • FSS • Slot antenna • Coax-feed For remote correspondences, multi-band and

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