Analytical Paper : Leadership And Leadership Development

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Shaundrea Dixon EDU676-KK School Personnel Adm & Dev Analytical Paper When working to improve schools, leadership is the most valuable resource a school has. The school’s leadership team has the responsibility of developing a vision and mission, organize logistics, resolve problems, and influence all stakeholders. Principals have a significant role in their school as the school’s educational leader. They are responsible for ensuring strategies and systems are in place to support diverse learning. For many principals, they look for potential leaders to be apart of their leadership team in order to develop and nurture them into future school administrators. This could be accomplished by developing a potential educational leaders program. A program such as this provide teacher leaders with practiced-based and leadership development opportunities. Principals may select individuals who are strategic thinkers, ethical decision makers, and someone who is willing to work collaboratively. Principals may also select highly motivated individuals who possess the following four traits: results-driven, decisive, change agent, and developer. It is commonly understood; emerging leaders are those who are high achievers. These highly ambitious individuals are those that excel in skills and in responsibilities. These professionals are known to standout among their peers due to their work ethics and their consistency to produce desired results.
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