Analytical Report of Flinders.Edu.Au Essay

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Analyitical Report of website:

Student name: Garth Trickett

Student number: 3068276

Tutor Name: Carol Drew

Table of contents
1. Executive summary
2. Introduction
3.1 How easy is it to choose a course and apply for the university it using the website? 3.2 Website Template Layout

3.3 Homepage Layout

3.4 Colour Scheme

4.1 Conclusion

4.2 Recommendations

5. References

Executive summary

The aim of this report is to critically analyse the architecture of the website The information gathered from the analysis will be used to devise solutions to problems with the website. The technique of examination for the website was to thoroughly
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Upon opening the universities homepage a quick glance was all that was needed to find the “for” tab and then the prospective students tab on the website. After clicking on “prospective students” a new page opened up with a prospective students navigational bar cascading down the left side of the page. The “choosing what to study” tab was the first heading and under that was a “course options at flinders” link. Clicking on this revealed a new page which had a number of ways to browse the different course options available. There was a browse heading filled with relevant options relating to the type of student you are as well as a Search bar and additional “Explore” help section. This analyst found this section of the prospective student page to have extensive options for accessing the needed material all shown in an easy to understand manner. One thing that could improve the page would be a course category page where each course area e.g. law, science and IT could be accessed to quickly narrow down the search. After minimal effort the analyst found a course and then proceeded to the easily found “how to apply” section of the prospective students page. This section was nowhere near as easily understandable as the course search page. And although this analyst was still able to successfully

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