Analytical Study on the Employee Issues in an MNC

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AN ANALYTICAL STUDY ON THE EMPLOYEES ISSUES IN A MNC ABSTRACT This study shows that how the different leadership theories, style and Tuckman's team building model can help to improve the behaviour of the employees at the organisation. A leader must have influence on his subordinates for encouraging them to work and achieve the predetermined goals. Different behavioural approaches help a person tin learning and Tuckman's model define how a team can be formed and work for achieving the organisational objectives. Different internal issues of the employees affect the performance of themselves and organisation, so it should be rectified and resolved as soon as possible before it has any negative affect on organisational culture. Top Management and leaders should take important necessary steps for resolving the internal issues of the employees at the organisation. The role of leadership can be fully realised in the organisation only when the appropriate leadership pattern is followed. This makes managers essential to understand and identify the various theories and styles are available. Leadership can be defined in general term as the process of influencing the behaviour of others to work willingly and enthusiastically for achieving predetermined goals. As according to Tennenbaum et al (1961), "leadership is interpersonal influence exercised in a situation and directed through communication process, towards the attainment of a specified goal or goals". There are different
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