Analytical Summaries Essay

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Debra Crawford

Predictive Probes Summary Nancy Wexler’s Mother died of Huntington’s disease it is hereditary, fatal, and happens in midlife. Ms. Wexler is a 38 year old woman and is the president of the Hereditary Disease Foundation. She is not sure of her own fate in life, because she doesn’t know whether she has inherited the same deadly gene that killed her mother. The uncertainty could be solved by a test to see if she has inherited the deadly gene. Nancy is in a dilemma within herself whether she wants to have the test done to find out if she has the gene. She is not sure if she wants to know the outcome of the test because it could show that she is going to die. The test to detect the Huntington’s
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New test tells whom a crippling disease will hit – and When Summary Amy Jo Snider is a senior in college that has put her life on hold to find out her destiny for life. Amy is only 21 years of age and because of research will be able to have a test to find out how soon and hard the disease will hit her if she inherited it. While she is on her Christmas break she plans to have a test to see if she has inherited ataxia disease. That disease is one without a cure that destroys brain cells that govern muscle control. Ataxia crippled her father and later was the cause for his death at middle age. Amy wants to be tested for the disease because to her the not knowing is worse than dealing with the problems. She wants to find out before she starts to show signs of symptoms of the disease so she will know how to deal with it. She is a young adult that is graduating soon that needs to know how to start planning the rest of her life after graduation. She said that it is not fair to others around her if she is in limbo about her future.
Identify the author’s use of the three elements: experiment, correlation, and speculation to support assertions.
Analyze how the author signals the use of these elements through language. For example, word choices, transitions, or logical connections The Author of this article uses the elements through logical connections and word choices. The Author uses word
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