Analytical Thinking, Effective Communication, And Collaboration

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After reading through the assigned material I felt like I had been educated to a higher level of understanding human learning concepts. The attributes presented focused on four key concepts: investigation, analytical thinking, effective communication, and collaboration (Bethel University, 2013). I am using investigative skills in my discussion post by drawing my thoughts together with the information provided and coming to my own conclusions based on what I have learned. I can analyze information provided by classmates in their discussion posts to form my own conclusions and provide feedback. This type of communication is effective for promoting concerns and feelings that we each may share. Once the discussion is subsided, it is important for me to collaborate other student’s ideas with my own. By following the Andragogic learning style, I am being shown how to find information that I need to know to complete each task provided. This type of learning allows me to explore independent research and conduct my own theories and conclusions as I learn. I believe that this type of learning is better suited for educating adults. It promotes the student to search and find the information that they need to know, but with a map of where to go. I plan on using each of the concepts I have learned about in every discussion post I reply to. Communication is the most effective tool for learning if applied properly.

References: Bethel University. (2013). College Orientation Experience.
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