Analytics As A Service Of Delivering The Insights Based On Your Own Data

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4. Analytics-as-a-service(AaaS) Analytics-as-a-Service is a service of delivering the insights based on your own data, focusing exclusively on business value and opportunities.[5] 4.1 Role of Decision making and Data Insights Decision making - no longer the preserve of middle managers or business analysts-occurs throughout the business, from boardroom to front office.[6] ”Enterprises need to be able to quickly respond to an ever-changing world in order to stay competitive. A constantly changing world requires a constant flow of decisions – where even postponing a decision is a decision in itself. Hence, the value of analytics is not to be interpreted as merely a set of features in a tool; it is more of a set of principles for improving the process of your decision-making.”, states Capgemini author Anders Bresell. —————————————————— Fig. 2 Factors of Decision making for Data insight —————————————————— The 3 most important factors in decision making are People, Time and Data and each of them is inter-related with factors like availability, analysis and demand.[7] Factors that make an organization successful are constituted by: 1. Decisions made by the right people 2. Decisions made at the right time 3. Decisions made by Data-driven and informed decision-makers It is generally observed that the improvement of one factor results in the retrogressive or negative effect on the other two factors. For example: As the volume and variety of data (i.e big data) increases, the

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