Analytics, Old Navy Llc Essay

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The ability to compete on analytics is made possible by certain qualities some companies possess which allows them to collect and use immense amounts of data in a way that differentiates the success and practices of those companies amongst any other businesses. Davenport and Harris (2007) define analytics as “extensive use of data, statistical and quantitative analysis, explanatory and predictive models, and fact-based management to drive decisions and actions” (p. 7). Therefore, to be able to compete on analytics, a firm must not only use the data to extrapolate and execute strategies and models in order to drive business, but also to use that data better and smarter than their competitors. This requires forward thinking and continual developments of current analyses and practices. With regard to Davenport and Harris’s criteria and concepts on the ability to compete on analytics, Old Navy LLC’s practices will be analyzed to find whether the company is able to compete, is a competitor, and how it competes, if at all.
Ability to Compete
In order to be an effective analytical competitor, Davenport and Harris (2007) assert that firms must meet certain prerequisites. Those prerequisites are at least a moderate amount of quality data about the type of business that analytics will support, hardware and software, the commitment of managers to develop analytics, and executive sponsorship (Davenport and Harris, 2007, p.16). Analytics is about extrapolating new information and

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