Analyze Amazon and Walmart.Com Using the Value Chain and Competitive Forces Models

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Analyze Amazon and using The Value Chain and Competitive forces Models
2.1.1 Amazon’s Value Chain Analysis Primary Activities Inbound Logistics
Amazon has the advantage of avoiding the overhead and carrying large amounts of inventory because it orders the books from the distributors.
They provide money and contracts to prospective authors and decide how many copies of a book to print. Typically a first run printing for a book varies from 5, 000 to 50, 000 copies. However, best-selling authors’ first run printings are generally set at around 300, 000 copies. receives products from its distributors, partners, manufacturers, and publishers. Receiving is typically at the
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The direct Amazon-to-buyer sales approach is really no different from what happens at most other large, online retailers except for its range of products. we can find beauty supplies, clothing, jewelry, gourmet food, sporting goods, pet supplies, books, CDs, DVDs, computers, furniture, toys, garden supplies, bedding and almost anything else you might want to buy. What makes Amazon a giant is in the details. Besides its tremendous product range, Amazon makes every possible attempt to customize the buyer experience.
The other main feature that puts on another level is the multi-leveled e-commerce strategy it employs. lets almost anyone sell almost anything using its platform. You can find straight sales of merchandise sold directly by Amazon, like the books it sold back in the mid-'90s out of Jeff Bezos' garage -- only now they're shipped from a very big warehouse. Since 2000, you can also find goods listed by third-party sellers -- individuals, small companies and retailers like Target and Toys 'R Us. You can find used goods, refurbished goods and auctions. You could say that Amazon is simply the ultimate hub for selling merchandise on the Web, except that the company has recently added a more extroverted angle to its strategy. 3 outbound Logistic's DC outbound processes support the fulfillment of customer orders placed through or affiliate websites. Picking, sorting, packing, and

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