Analyze How Theories Of Motivation And Human Behavior Impact

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Analyze how theories of motivation and human behavior impact strategies of change management Behavioral management theory was developed in response to the need to account for employee behavior and motivation. The shift moved management from a production orientation (classical leadership theory) to a leadership style focused on the workers ' human need for work- related satisfaction and good working conditions before theorists started writing about employee satisfaction and good working conditions, management considered classical leadership, with its sole interest in high production and efficiency, to be the most important to an organization 's success. Later, it was concern for worker satisfaction and good working conditions that…show more content…
The employee does not have a responsibility to manage change, the employee 's responsibility is no other than to do their best while doing their job, which is different for every person and depends on a wide variety of factors such as health, maturity, stability, experience, personality, motivation, etc. Responsibility for managing change is with management and executives of the organization they must manage the change in a way that employees can cope with it. The manager has a responsibility to facilitate and enable change, and all that is implied within that statement, especially to understand the situation from an objective standpoint and then to help people understand reasons, aims, and ways of responding positively according to employees ' own situations and capabilities. Increasingly the manager 's role is to interpret, communicate and enable not to instruct and impose, which nobody really responds to well. The performance of n employee is definitely affected by motivation, his or her capabilities, and work environment. Behavioral management theory relies on the notion that managers will better understand the human aspect to workers and treat employees as important assets to achieve goals. Management taking a special interest in workers makes them feel like part of a special group. As time went on, thinking shifted, and management started looking at employee satisfaction and working conditions as a way to increase productivity.
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